AW 2010/11: Press Release

British contemporary meets Russian vintage

Clare Lopeman's debut A/W 2010 collection is a fusion of graphic print and complex construction taking vintage patterns from ‘100 Dresses’ – a classic Soviet dressmaking book reflecting key shapes and silhouettes established in 50's French couture – and re-mastering and transforming them through a process of body conscious design and innovative construction. The results subsequently redefine the concept of contemporary vintage chic.

The look of the collection draws directly from her experiences living in Moscow combined with a British sense of style; the young and spirited ‘Moskvichka’, the dark, surreal and compelling aspects of daily life in the city, Christian Dior’s presence in Moscow in July 1959 and the subsequent photoshoot by Howard Sochurek for Life magazine, Soviet dressmaking patterns and the warm winter colour palette of a sun-drenched Moscow skyline.

The collection has been carefully crafted to ensure flattering lines throughout that define and celebrate the female figure in a feminine yet dynamic and contemporary aesthetic. Integral to achieving this look has been an intense process of both manual and digital pattern manipulation and transformation.

The latest digital printing technologies are combined with wool jersey, cotton satin and silk satins to produce graphic prints. The range begins with a classical palette of black and nude progressing through an icy yet warm palette of a Moscow winter sunset.

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